The 321 Water Bottle

321 Water Bottle With Orange Filter Use With Stay tray Reusable Drinks Tray
321 Water Bottle With Dusty Pink Filter Use With Stay tray Reusable Drinks Tray
321 Water Bottle With Translucent Blue Filter Use With Stay tray Reusable Drinks Tray

The 321 Water Bottle

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The 321 Filter Water Bottle is a 100% Australian made, B Corporation certified, reusable 500ml water bottle with a unique patented filter tree plunger mechanism.

Use this product with or without the filter. This multifunctional interchangeable bottle can be used to suit your needs. The filter cage and stem clicks on and off. 

The 321 Water Bottle with Filter is the perfect complement to your Stay tray reusable tray.

The 321 Filtered Water Bottle makes an amazing Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Fathers Day Gift or Mothers Day Gift. You really don't need and excuse to help save the planet. 


Volume: 500ml / 17 oz

Height: 22.5cm / 8.9 inch

Diameter: 72mm / 2.8 inch

Weight: 150g / 5.3 oz


BPA & BPS free

Durable and dishwasher safe

Wide mouth

Glass-like appeal

Odour and stain resistant

Cup-holder friendly – fits easily into most cars and workout equipment

Filter for water bottle is the only part that needs replacing

Filtration method

With a Carbon filtration system, the water filter in a bottle absorbs impurities from potable tap water such as odours, tastes, organic compounds and residual chlorine. The 321 filter tablet lasts around 125 refills, that is an amazing 62.5 litres of great tasting water before it needs replacing. Replacement Filters are available.

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