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Are you looking to make a positive difference in reducing waste and provide a new product for your retail customers that will help them to make a real difference for our planet too? 

You may have also had a customer come into your cafe or store and ask for Stay tray by name.

We know the best way we can help make a positive difference to reduce cardboard waste is to get Stay tray in the hands of as many environmentally conscious people as possible. Our ideal is to have Stay tray product ranges available for purchase both in physical stores throughout the world and online via

We want to make it as easy as possible for retail customers to get their own Australian made, recycled plastic, cup holder, the Stay tray.

This is where you can help. We'd love your help to come on board as a stockist and stock Stay tray in your cafe or store.

Stay tray is a versatile solution for those individuals who are responsible / sustainably minded, who want to reduce their personal daily waste. They want to make better decisions on a daily basis that make a positive difference for the future of our planet. 

Stay tray not only intended to solve the single use problem, but it is a great alternative, one that compliments the reusable movement and encourages a behavioural shift.

Firstly, we recommend that if you haven't already done so, get familiar with Stay tray and what we represent. You can also discover more about our team and the values we represent.

Next step is to complete the form below and one of the Stay tray Team will be in contact to discuss your options.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.


To see who are current stockists use the Stay tray interactive stockists map.