Stay tray Take Two Reusable Drinks Tray Keep It Handy

Do you have a morning coffee ritual?

Do you struggle to carry piping hot coffee as well as the milk, bread and that delicious morning tea? The versatile Stay tray 2 Cup trays are here to make your life easier.

Are You Ready To Replace Flimsy Cardboard Trays?

Terrified the flimsy cardboard tray from the café nearby will fall apart on you? Worried your well-earned coffee will spill all over the ground, the car or even worse yourself? Been there. Award winning eco friendly Stay tray Take Two is here to lend a hand, ready to carry your hot drinks, water bottles and even your freshly baked muffin from your local café. Let Stay tray securely carry your drinks while you focus on that delicious morning tea.

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Stay tray PIDA Packaging Innovation & Design of The Year Beverage Silver Award
Stay tray Roar Awards 2020 Best Eco Product Award Winner
Stay tray World Packaging Organisation Winner 2020
Stay tray B Corp Certified
Stay tray Australian Made
Stay tray Ausmumpreneur Awards 2021 Winner Bronze Award Sustainable Product

an extra hand when you need it

Your Own Personal Drink Carrier

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secure sturdy reliable

Securely Carry Your Drinks

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reduce single use

No More Cardboard Trays

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Keep Stay tray with your keys. Or it it's easier for you, keep one in your bag and a second one in the car so you will never be without.

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Use Stay tray during the week for your daily coffee run or on weekend adventures.  It is perfect for the beach, the river or camping.

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Wash Stay tray with warm soapy water or place it in the top drawer of the office dishwasher. Then simply place Stay tray back on your desk, in your bag or in the office kitchen ready for your next busy day.

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Australian Made

Reusable Water Bottle

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Stay tray Best Seller 'My Shout' Reusable Drinks Tray Made In Australia
Stay tray Best Seller ‘My Shout’ Reusable Drinks Tray
Stay tray Best Seller ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drinks Tray
Stay tray Best Seller 'Good Sport' Reusable Drinks Tray Made In Australia
Stay tray Best Seller ‘Good Sport’ Reusable Drinks Tray
Stay tray Best Seller ‘Double Shot’ Reusable Drinks Tray
Translucent Blue Orange Dusty Pink
Stay tray Gift Set ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drink Tray With 321 Water Bottle