Stay tray Best Seller ‘Good Sport’ Reusable Drinks Tray

Stay tray Best Seller &

Stay tray Best Seller ‘Good Sport’ Reusable Drinks Tray

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Stay tray ‘Good Sport’ is an eco friendly reusable drinks tray for 4 drinks. Available as a convenient 4 cup holder tray. Ready for weekends jam packed full of sports fields, fun and quality time with family or friendsIf you’d prefer to design your own tray check out the Classic Stay tray. It is designed with simplicity, style and sustainability in mind. 


Stay tray Reusable drinks tray


The Stay tray idea first materialised as a reusable coffee cup tray to reduce the waste of cardboard trays typically supplied at coffee shops and cafes to help with large coffee orders

Stay tray is fast becoming known for its versatility. Sure, it’s great for the morning coffee run during the week. But there’s no need to pack it away on weekends. In fact on weekends it becomes even more useful. You see it also carries standard drink vessels of various shapes and sizes. Drink bottles, juices, sports drinks, smoothiesbaby bottles and fast food drinks can all be conveniently carried with the Stay tray. 

It’s even useful on an ice-cream run!

Stay tray is the extra set of hands you wish you had. We are here to help you with your busy lifestyle and help reduce waste for our planet. Same tray, different day.


  • Made out of 100% recycled plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Dimensions are 20 cm x 20 cm  x 7 cm
  • Weighs only 180 grams
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV-stable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stackable
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Australian made and owned

Stay tray makes an amazing Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Fathers Day Gift or Mothers Day Gift. You really don't need and excuse to help save the planet. 

For your own safety, and for the sake of conserving your delicious beverages, use both hands when delivering a Stay tray from point A to point B. 

Make sure your drink vessel fits snugly in the tray, because beverages – like all of us – come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s not cry over spilled milk, or any other drink for that matter.

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