Stay tray Product Review Questions Answered

by Kate Stewart

Whilst we have a FAQs page, we are still so new in the market. People have plenty of reusable cups, but are still discovering it's possible to have a reusable drinks tray too.

We are getting so many questions on a daily basis on the benefits of having a Stay tray reusable drinks tray. Amazingly, we've also been getting Stay tray product reviews too.

This blog is dedicated to anyone considering getting a Stay tray and wants their questions answered before purchasing their very own Stay tray reusable drinks tray.

Who Is Stay tray?

Stay tray was born in cafes in Melbourne CBD. My first thought was to design a reusable coffee tray.  A tray to safely carry reusable cups from a café nearby to the office. And typically, even now, that is one of the most common uses for Stay tray on the office coffee run.

What Can You Use Stay tray for?

Once I got going, I realized Stay tray could be much more. Having young kids, I also realized how unbelievably hectic it is being a Mum. The sheer number of things you need to remember when leaving the house is ridiculous. Nappies, change of clothes, baby bottles, water bottles, wipes and snacks. Oh my gosh, the snacks are out of control.

How do you carry everything, while mustering the kids out the door, without spilling a drop? You simply can’t.

Of course, the kids are no help. The number of times I’ve dropped things getting out the door. The number of times a bottle has leaked all over my bag. Being able to use Stay tray to carry drinks and water bottles has made my life just that little bit easier. Innovative products that make child-raising, and life in general, just that little bit easier are amazing.


Stay tray Drink Tray


When do you use Stay tray?

Stay tray serves so many different functions. I've learned, having three trays in strategic places simply makes my life easier. Much like keeping reusable shopping bags at the front door and also a couple in the car, means they are accessible and handy when I need them.

I have one Stay tray in the car with the reusable shopping bags

I recommend for those in the office to keep one tray in your office desk (as I used to do!)

At home I keep one on the side board usually next to my car keys near the front door. Perfect for weekend adventures with the family. I'm not the only one who does this!

Paula loves using her Stay tray on weekends:

This is the best product. I often need a tray for takeaway coffee and milkshakes I grab for the family on the weekends from a café near me. Although I would reuse cardboard trays, they lose their sturdiness after 2 or 3 uses.

Michelle’s favourite weekend ritual is to get coffee for her grown family on a Saturday morning:

Such a great container for my family and our weekend coffee runs at our nearest cafe.

Sam purchased a Stay tray for her weekend adventures with the kids:

Fantastic product. I have been looking for a tray for ages with no luck. We are always out and about on weekends. The kids love a smoothie and my hubby and I love a great coffee hit. I found this product on the internet and ended up buying 3 as gifts for all my mum friends.

Whether it’s a picnic, a playdate or just an adventure at the beach. Stay tray makes weekends easier.


Stay tray Drink Carrier


During the Week 

Many people are also using their Stay tray’s during the week. It’s so common these days to pick up coffee for the team before work. Or grab takeaway coffee for morning tea. After all, it’s one of these very coffee runs where Stay tray was born. With six drinks to carry back to the office. I remember the barista asking if I wanted a single use tray. There must be a better way I thought. A reusable tray that could be used again, and again, and again. But there simply wasn’t anything available.

Stay tray Cup Carrier

Debbie loves her Stay tray for getting takeaway coffee on her way to work:

This is useful for carrying hot cups of coffee in the car. It is sturdier than the ones provided by the store.

Karen uses Stay tray with her travel cups on the way to work:

It's durable and reusable. It holds travel cups and drink cups really well. Highly recommend.

Lacie loves Stay tray when she is getting coffee for her team:

This product works great and doesn’t slide around in the car. Love it!

Making Deliveries 

I’ve also had many messages from food and drink delivery drivers. Fed up with using cardboard drink trays that fall apart. They buy boxes of single use trays to transport drinks to their customers. Spillages are common and cleaning milkshakes, smoothies or coffee from their seats is a drag.

Justin absolutely loves Stay tray while making deliveries:

This cupholder is amazing! I love it so much, bought it to put in my hot bag for when I do deliveries and it's super sturdy, fits all kinds of cup sizes and different can sizes as well. Definitely worth the purchase and I will 100% recommend this! It's also made from recycled material too which is why I love it even more!

Lou has been using Stay tray for 2 years: 

A great cup holder and it won't spill while driving to make a delivery

When Dan picks up food and drinks from a fast food restaurant. He removes the drinks from the cardboard drink holder, using Stay tray instead:

Great for multiple drinks and not using the fast-food ones. Easy to clean.

Cafés and Coffee Roasters 

Cafés and Coffee Roasters find Stay tray fabulous too. I hear stories all the time, customers stopped in the street by passers-by, asking about their tray. Coffee shops are amazed when regulars bring them in. I have been approached by bystanders in a coffee shop asking where they can get one. I get so excited when that happens!

Cafés are some of the most sustainable businesses. Many of them source their coffee sustainably. They sell reusable cups and champion the movement towards compostable takeaway cups. It’s no wonder they are excited about a reusable coffee tray made from 100% recycled plastic.

Amanda stocks Stay trays in her café:

We own a café and buy these for our customers. Super idea and very popular.

Tom has stocked Stay tray since I first launched:

Does exactly what it was designed to do. Our customers can’t get enough of them. Excellent design practical and easy to use.


Stay tray Drink Tray


Sadly COVID 19 has had a massive impact on all our lives. Many cafés have temporarily turned away from reusable cups while the pandemic rages. However, sustainably minded customers are happy they can still use their Stay tray.

Jenny is thankful that even though her favourite café isn’t accepting keep cups. She can still use her Stay tray:

In a time where keep cups are rarely accepted now. This has saved on the cardboard trays and the people at the coffee shop absolutely rave about it. Holds cups well and is easy to clean.

Whether it’s in the office, on the weekend with the family or even doing deliveries or selling Stay trays in your café; Stay tray just makes life easier.

No more juggling kids water bottles, snacks, and your coffee. No more juggling the team’s coffee back from the café nearby. No more drinks spilling all over your car seats. No more cardboard trays in your café.