Coffee Roasters in Australia are Some of the Best in the World

by Kate Stewart

Birth of Australian Coffee Scene 

Australian Coffee Roasters are some of the best in the world. Being Australian, and Melbourne based, you could say that I'm biased, but it's actually more than that. Coffee and the Coffee Roasting evolution is in the history of Australia and it shows in the quality of coffee and boutique coffee roasting available nationwide.


Featured Australian Coffee Roasters


We all know the biggest players in the coffee industry. They are household names. I want to do my part to support the smaller, fabulous coffee roasters across the country. I want to share my favourite coffee roasters, but before I do, if you don't already know, I think it's important to start with why coffee is such a big part of Australian Culture today.

Where It Began

Australia’s obsession with coffee was born in the 1950s when a large wave of Europeans arrived on our shores. Serious about good coffee. They travelled with stovetop coffee makers. Once settled, they set out to find quality coffee to indulge their daily coffee hit. This really marked the birth of Australian Coffee Roasters and Coffee Roasting Melbourne.

Fun Fact: 

Did you know that Melbourne has the largest Greek Population outside of Greece?

PLUS in the 1950s post war era Melbourne was the no.1 Australian destination for Greek, Italian and Yugoslav immigrants.

It's no wonder Melbourne is now considered Australia’s coffee capital.

Going Instant

The 70’s saw big companies pushing instant coffee to the masses. Meanwhile European immigrants, first generation new Aussies, many whom settled in Melbourne, were at home roasting their own beans. 

Taking The Plunge(r)

The 80’s saw plunger coffee take off. Australia’s coffee scene was beginning to rumble.

Meet You At A Café Nearby 

Espresso Coffee exploded in the 90’s. The post war 1950s immigrants families were now in their 2nd and 3rd generations and the coffee roasting at home was evolving into big business.

Now 6,700 businesses operate in the $4.3 billion cafe and coffee shop industry.

Quality Coffee Where Ever You Are

Lavazza Coffee, St Ali Coffee and Vittoria Coffee are all household names. Make no mistake, they are all great blends, but it truly is incredible to see the new boutique blends appearing in the market too. What's becoming clear is that customers want and expect quality espresso coffee whether at home or at a cafe and coffee roasters and cafe owners are determined to meet and hopefully exceed this expectation.


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Coffee Roasters in Australia. 

There are so many amazing coffee roasters in Australia. Busy roasting their own beans.    

Coffee has always been a massive part of my life. My morning coffee hit is on my mind the moment I wake. Making good coffee at home is serious business, especially when most of Australia is in lockdown. Being coffee obsessed and establishing Stay tray. I am well positioned to make this list of amazing Coffee Roasters. I love finding new coffee roasters near me. Check them out. Go to their roastery for a coffee. Tag along on a tour. Or pick up some of their beans online for your next cup.

Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

Industry Beans

Initially set up in a Melbourne garage in 2010 by brothers Steve and Trevor Simmons. Industry Beans roasts high-quality specialty coffee in a carefully curated environment of transparency and accessibility.  Their coffee roastery Melbourne offers the ultimate coffee experience to their local community. In 2013 they opened their first venue in Fitzroy. Industry Beans has grown to now roast coffee and operate cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Definitely one of the best Melbourne Coffee Roasters. 


Industry Beans Coffee Roasters


Padre Coffee Roasters

Padre Coffee was born in the explosion of specialty coffee in Melbourne in 2008. Firmly focused on ethical and sustainable growth. Padre are always seeking to raise the bar with everything they do. Padre Coffee is focused on quality produce, sustainability, and fostering long term committed relationships throughout their supply chain.


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Rumble Coffee Roasters

Operating from Kensington. Rumble Coffee Roasters are dedicated to supplying knock-out coffee to individuals and businesses who are keen for service with soul. Following decades running some of Melbourne’s most awarded cafes. Rumble founders established the business with a vision to do things differently. They felt there was so much more coffee roasters could be doing to support their cafes and coffee suppliers. Rumble Coffee Roasters are all about quality, consistency and a no-nonsense policy. Rumble Coffee Roasters are definitely on of my favourite coffee roasters in Melbourne.  

Grab a coffee subscription from Rumble and never run out of coffee.

 Rumble Coffee Roasters


Coffee Roasters Geelong

Cartel Coffee Roasters

Cartel Coffee Roasters are a true specialty coffee roaster who are dedicated to providing Australia with the highest quality, traceable coffees. It’s their philosophy pay fair. It’s a core foundation of their company. They support their farmers and producers through sustainable buying practices.

Cartel Coffee Roasters


Ocean Grind

Ocean Grind is all about fresh quality coffee. It’s about appreciating the coast and the natural environment. At Ocean Grind they believe coffee and the ocean have a fair bit in common. Whether you surf, swim or walk along the beach, it’s a daily ritual, just like that first coffee in the morning.

Their coffee roastery is in Torquay.  Specialty beans are ethically sourced from all corners of the globe and hand-roasted with care. Ocean Grind’s mission is to maximise flavour, while minimising their impact on the environment.

 Ocean Grind Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters Sydney

Single O Coffee Roasters

Established in 2003, Single O are forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending and tasting. Pioneers of the coffee roasters Sydney scene. Their fruit driven blends are roasted in their Botany Roast Works and served in their Surry Hills café & brew bar. Single O try to source ethically & environmentally sound beans, products & produce. Single O Coffee Roasters are some of the best coffee roasters in Sydney. 

Single O Coffee Roasters


Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Based in Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Seven Miles are on a journey to redefine the next chapter in the evolution of coffee. Where art meets science and exceptional coffee is given its rightful moment to shine. Their coffee roastery Sydney is one of the best in the city. 

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters


Sample Coffee Roasters

Slowly and steadily, Sample has made big waves in the Sydney coffee scene. These folks take things seriously. They have always got an exciting mix of blends and single origins from around the world on the go. All the coffee is roasted on restored vintage German roasters and they're big believers in transparency and sustainability.

 Sample Coffee Roasters


Coffee Roasters Brisbane

Merlo Coffee Roasters

Merlo Coffee began more than 28 years ago with a simple philosophy. Freshly roasted coffee served by people who are passionate about coffee. Merlo’s philosophy has never changed. One of the first coffee roasters in Brisbane. They take great care in sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Merlo's coffee roastery Brisbane is synonymous with coffee roasting in  Brisbane. They roast daily so customers can enjoy their coffee at its very best. 

Merlo Coffee Roasters


Fonzie Abbott

Back in 2010, Fonzie Abbott founder Dan Pappas set out to create a business he was genuinely passionate about. A lifelong lover of coffee. Dan decided a good place to start would be to brew a batch he'd want to drink every day. As the years passed, the roastery paved the way for a brewery, which paved the way for a distillery.

Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters


Elixir Coffee Roasters

Elixir Coffee is built on a passion for specialty coffee.  Founded by Jason and David Narciso in 2007. Elixir Coffee draws on expertise and high standards from being exposed to the fine art of coffee roasting from two generations. In their early 20’s, Jason and David owned and operated a number of successful cafes in Brisbane. In 2007, they returned to their roots of roasting fresh speciality coffee.

 Leftfield Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery

The origins of the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery stem from the espresso heartlands of Europe with their founder Gary Newcome. Not many can match his decades of experience, knowledge and commitment in search of the perfect cup.  Gary’s passion for coffee filtered through to the second generation with Jasmine, Katie and Alex bringing their own passion for coffee and customer service to the business.

Believing so much in the future of quality coffee, they collectively set out to build one of Australia’s most innovative and high performing roasting facilities. From humble beginnings and small batches to the highest quality and consistency unmatchable by other roasters. Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery is a market leader in all thing’s caffeine.

Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery


Pioneer Coffee Roastery

Established in 2005, Pioneer Coffee Roastery was one of the first small batch specialty coffee roasters on the Sunshine Coast.  While the specialty coffee industry has changed significantly since then, Pioneer Coffee Roastery has stayed true to their primary objective – to carefully and consistently roast the best coffee they can source.  Our passion is our product, and we strive every day to bring the best results we can to your cup.

With a focus on sustainability, Pioneer Coffee Roastery are constantly reviewing their procedures to ensure they are reducing waste and encouraging others to do so.  They actively encourage reusable cups and straws and offer a discount for those customers that bring their own.

Pioneer Coffee Roasters


Coffee Roasters Gold Coast

Paradox Coffee Roasters

Paradox Coffee Roasters are responsible custodians of the coffee journey, always putting people first. From farmers, respected industry partners they work with, their expert team that roast and share their knowledge, wholesale partners and baristas who serve coffee, to the customers who enjoy it.

They believe in the growth and success of their wholesale partners.  Support them with barista education, systematic training, premium equipment, reliable service, creative branding and innovative solutions so their partners can deliver a consistent quality coffee experience.

 Paradox Coffee Roasters


Cre8ive Coffee Roasters

Cre8ive Coffee is a 100% Australian-owned company that truly loves its coffee and is passionate about every single aspect of it.  Founded more than two decades ago, before coffee became the hip and huge part of Australian culture it is today.  Despite being around for so long, they have never become complacent and always look for ways to improve their already great offerings.

Cre8ive Coffee Roaster’s main business is roasting and supplying wholesale coffee.  Gold Coast based, they supply cafes, restaurants and offices throughout Australia. Having been in the business for this long, we are renowned for being knowledgeable and reliable coffee suppliers. 

Cre8tive Coffee Roasters


Silipo Coffee Roasters

Established in 2006, Silipo Coffee is a Gold Coast based coffee roastery with a focus on specialty coffee. They supply and distribute to cafés, espresso bars, restaurants and home customers throughout Australia.

Richard Silipo has been involved in the coffee industry since 1994. Noticing there was a demand in the industry for a specialty coffee roaster and supplier who not only provided wholesale coffee but also met the needs of customers, Richard set out to fill this void.

Silipo Coffee Roasters listen to their customers needs and strive to ensure these are met! They view their customers like an extension of their own family and they can never do too much for them. The first thing you will notice at Silipo Coffee is their attention to coffee. They have on offer some of the finest coffees in the world and these are showcased on their espresso and brew bar.

 Sillino Coffee Roasters


Coffee Roasters Perth

Leftfield Coffee Roasters

Leftfield Coffee Roasters was founded by Kamran Nowduschani and Louise Gordon. Leftfield create  complex and richly flavored coffees. From the farmers, pickers and processors. To the roasters, baristas and tasters. Leftfield Coffee Roasters work with a large and diverse supply chain they care deeply about. When you buy Leftfield, you can expect delicious quality coffee. Expertly sourced and roasted with love and care.

Leftfield Coffee Roasters


Gesha Coffee Roasters

Gesha Coffee Roasters was established in 2014 by Carlo Landucci and Daniel Pano. Gesha provide the highest quality coffee with exceptional flavors. Roasting beans daily from their coffee roastery Perth, located in Bibra Lake. They roast using green coffees sourced from the finest origins around the world.

Gesha Coffee Roasters


Five Senses Coffee Roasters

Ever heard of Five Senses Coffee Roasters? No. I’ll bet you have tasted their delicious coffee at your local café! When Dean Gallagher started Five Senses Coffee, his reasoning seemed crystal clear. He had friends in PNG growing delicious coffee. He knew he wanted to create a workplace that was fun and he wanted to geek out with cafe owners who got as excited coffee as he did. Five Senses Coffee has grown over the years and they are so excited to be working with incredible cafe owners all across Australia

Five Senses Coffee Roasters


Dante Coffee Roasters

Dante Coffee Roasters is a proud Perth family business. Their goal is to provide the highest quality coffee from around the world. Roasted and blended to perfection.

 Dante's Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters Freemantle

Freemantle Coffee Roasters

Fremantle Coffee Roasters hails from the spiritual home of coffee in Western Australia. Also known as the cappuccino strip this melting pot of multiculturalism has inspired Freemantle Coffee Roasters to craft four very different blends that reflect the history of Fremantle whilst offering a progressive take on its strong coffee heritage.

Freemantle Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters Adelaide

Cirelli Coffee Roasters

Cirelli Coffee Roasters are a creative boutique coffee roasting company. They provide lovers of great coffee with the blends and tastes that get people talking.

Cirelli Coffee Roasting


Rebel Alliance Coffee Roasters

Rebel Alliance Coffee Roasters are big on quality, consistency, transparency and sustainability. Connecting with some of the best coffee producers from around the world. Their mission is to support and progress a truly transparent supply chain which promotes sustainability. As an artisan specialty coffee roaster, they pride themselves in being consistent and delicious, every single cup.

Grind Roast Masters

Grind Roast Masters was originally established in the 1960s as a tea and coffee outlet. It began as a small family business and has continued to operate as a unique family affair. Grind Roast Masters offer authentic, regional, estate, organic, fair trade and forest alliance coffees. They specialise in creating new and individual coffee blends for the home and office.

 Grind Roast Masters


Coffee Roasters Hobart

Tasmanian Coffee Roasters

Tasmanian Coffee Roasters source a wide selection of flavor some coffee beans from several countries within Central South America, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. They are also proudly committed to the Rainforest Alliance and only sell coffee that is traded responsibly.

In 2018, Tasmanian Coffee Roasters moved their roasting and packing facilities to Kingston, 10 minutes south of Hobart in a purpose-built warehouse to ensure the quality and consistency of their blends is as good as they can produce. In 2019, they were accredited the only coffee roaster in Tasmania to be an organic produce. This means their processes are as pure as possible resulting in perfectly crafted blends.

 Tasmanian Coffee Roasters


Villino Coffee Roasters

Established in 2007, Villino Coffee Roasters quickly became a key influencer in the specialty coffee scene in Tasmania. After opening the Villino cafe it was a natural progression to want more control over their coffee. This meant opening their coffee roastery in 2009 with a 5kg Probat coffee roaster and a couple bags of beans. Villino Coffee Roasters quickly built a great following in Hobart and their wholesale business took off. In 2012, they welcomed Villino’s little sister cafe, Ecru Coffee, to the family. It's a small hole-in-wall outlet, serving take away coffee to those on the move.

Villino Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters Canberra

Bean Culture Coffee Roasters

Bean Culture Coffee Roasters believe great coffee is achieved using scientific investigation to refine the delicious and unique flavour characteristics of each coffee origin. They utilise sophisticated equipment monitoring systems that run during the roasting process and graph the development cycle of each batch of beans.

Based on the evidence obtained through analysis and experience, they can adjust the roasting process to enhance the beans flavour potential and maintain the consistency of their coffee.

Bean Culture Coffee Roasters