Best Australian Made Christmas Gifts 2021

by Kate Stewart

The Last Minute Dash 

Ever found yourself at the shops on Christmas eve? Battling crowds to find something for that one hard to shop for person.

It’s so hard to find the perfect Christmas Gift for everyone on your list. It’s so easy to just quickly grab something basic and get out.

Happens to me every year. I really should learn.

This year I am determined to start my Christmas shopping early. With significant delays from Australia Post its important to get on top of your Christmas shopping now.

Be the Best Gift Giver in Town 

The Using this Best Australian Made Christmas Gifts 2021 Guide, you will become the best gift-giver your friends and family have ever seen. There are so many fabulous gift ideas for those hard to shop for people. They won’t be hard to shop for anymore. Your gift baskets will become stuff of legend.  

The art of picking amazing presents isn’t limited to Christmas gift baskets. However, the festive season is the biggest gift-giving time of the year. Always pressure to find the perfect presents. That’s where this list of Christmas gifts comes in so handy. There’s a lil something for Mum, your eco friend from work and your BFF (plus everyone in between). With these present options on your side, you’re going to be a big hit this Christmas!

But it’s not only Christmas. You can use this incredible gift advice to get fabulous presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

You’re going to have the best presents in town!

321 Filter Water Bottle

We all have to stay hydrated. 321 Filtered Water Bottles are the most sustainable and stylish water bottles around. Your friends and family will absolutely fall in love with them. A reusable 500 ml bottle with a unique patented filter tree plunger mechanism. They are 100% Australian made and B Corporation certified.

With a Carbon filtration system, the water filter in a bottle absorbs impurities from potable tap water such as odours, tastes, organic compounds and residual chlorine. The 321 filter tablet lasts around 125 refills, that is an amazing 63 litres of great tasting water before it needs replacing. 

321 Filtered Water Bottle available from Stay tray

Stay tray ‘Simply Cups’ Limited Edition 4 Cup Reusable Tray

As someone who drinks more coffee than water. Stay tray with Simply Cups is a god send. It’s made of recycled plastic and single use coffee cups collected from businesses, shopping centres and stadiums across Australia. Just think, that single use coffee cup you used last week. It’s now part of a stay tray. Your eco friend is going to love it.

Stay tray with Simply Cups

Stay tray ‘Good Sport’ Reusable Drinks Tray

Do you have a friend or family member who spends their weekend dashing from one kids sport to another? Do they rush home to pick up the kids from school and whisk them off to junior soccer, hockey, netball or footy training? Juggling school bags, sport bags, drink bottles, reusable coffee cups and snacks from the car every afternoon? Well Stay tray Good Sport is the perfect present to help with their busy lives.

Stay tray Good Sport

Stay tray Reusable Drinks Tray Plus One Bundle

When one is just never enough. Your bestie is going to love Stay tray so much! They will need one in the car, one in the office and one on standby at home. Seriously, Stay tray will grip their drinks tighter than any other drink carrier. It won’t let go, it won’t tip over, it won’t slide around in their car and it won’t bend or break apart like single use cardboard cup holders. 

Stay tray Plus One Bundle

Stay tray Reusable Calico Bag

Make gift giving a little bit easier with a Stay tray Reusable Calico Bag. It’s the perfect way to keep a Stay tray stored at home, in the office or car. It also doubles as a great reusable shopping bag so your friends or family will never be without one.

Stay tray Reusable Shopping Bag

Stay tray Gift Hamper ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drink Tray with Uppercup

Have you considered a coffee cup tray for that coffee lover fiend?  A convenient 2 Cup reusable drink tray coupled with a high quality, Australian Made reusable coffee cup and calico bag. Your bestie will definitely have to shout you a coffee at a café nearby with their brand-new present. 

 Stay tray Reusable Coffee Cup Tray with Uppercup

Stay tray Gift Set ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drink Tray with 321 Water Bottle

Everyone needs a water bottle right?  Why not a stylish filtered water bottle. Water has never looked so good! This gift hamper includes a convenient reusable drinks tray that will securely carry drinks all over town. A 321 Water Bottle with filter will keep your friends hydrated at the beach, river or shopping up a storm. A reusable calico bag is also included. It’s the perfect way to keep a Stay tray stored at home, in the office or car.

Stay tray Christmas Gift Set

Uppercup Reusable Coffee Cup

There are so many Reusable Coffee Cups on the market these days. Plastic cups are unbreakable, glass cups are amazing to drink from, and stainless steel will keep your coffee piping hot for hours. But how do you choose the right one? Which one will be the perfect Christmas gift for your enviro friendly cousin? I can tell you, most reusable cups on the market, even the most popular, are not Australian Made. The Uppercup is however, 100% Australian Made and B Corporation certified. The Uppercup Reusable Coffee Cup is made from the highest quality, BPA Free Tritan, which means it won’t retain smell; is dishwasher safe and is super durable.

With an insulated wall, coffee will stay warm in the Uppercup while fingers stay cool. Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the conical bottom means a perfectly poured coffee every time. It really is the reusable coffee cup best version.

Uppercup Reusable Coffee Cup Available from Stay tray


Does your bestie take their own food container to pick up takeaway food? The Uppercontainer food container is here to help reduce single use waste. 100% Australian Made and B Corporation certified, this reusable, environmentally friendly food container comes in a convenient pack of three. With a sturdy attached snap-on lid; there will be no more searching the back of the cupboard for matching lids. 

This container will help your friends and family stay organised. It’s the most practical household storage container for leftovers. The light weight and shatterproof material is also perfect for on the go.

 Uppercontainer available from Stay tray