Stay tray In the News

by Kate Stewart

All The Hard Work 

Have you seen Stay tray in the news lately? I still pinch myself each time I see a new Stay tray mention. Looking back on the last three years, it’s fabulous to see how far my little idea has come. From that first day, in the café nearby when the idea came to me, to working tirelessly with fantastic designers, engineers and manufactures to make sure my Australian Made ambitions came to fruition.

I’m so happy I have created a truly sustainable product within a sustainable business and something people want to support. Every time I see someone using Stay tray out in the world it makes me so happy. Every time someone tags me on social media using their Stay tray it makes my day. It's surreal to see what was an idea become reality. But for me it's more than that, every Stay tray I see out in the world in someone's hands being used, I see single use plastic being re-homed and becoming reusable. I see less single use plastic going to landfill. I see I have created a business and product that is making a positive difference for our environment.

Stay tray Reusable Drinks Tray

Beginning to Pay Off

Sometimes I can’t quite believe it. It’s exhilarating to see something you have created in the news. I feel blessed to have been featured in amazing publications over the last few years. The Australian, House and Garden, Woman’s Weekly and the Herald Sun to name a few. It’s so exciting flicking through pages of these amazing publications looking for my Stay tray. I never in my wildest dreams thought visiting all those cafes in Melbourne CBD would pay off. On a search for the best Melbourne Coffee each day.

Who knew my morning tea breaks would turn out so important? My daily quest to find the best espresso bar? Which cafe in cbd Melbourne serves up the best piccolo latte? What’s the answer the age-old question of cappuccino verses latte? Who knew my daily search would lead me to the pages of The Australian.

The Australian

I was kicking the soccer ball with my son when I discovered Stay tray had been featured in the Weekend Australian Magazine. There I was, goalie for my 7-year-old son. Soccer balls flying everywhere. My phone kept beeping with orders. What is going on? Way more sales were coming through than ever before. My first thought was that someone famous had shared Stay tray on their socials. When I got home, I emailed a few of the people who had just ordered. Where did you see Stay tray I asked? It was then I found out Stay tray was featured in the Weekend Australian.  

 The Australian Weekend Magazine Stay tray

The Australian Woman’s Weekly

 I was flicking through the pages of the Australian Woman’s Weekly when I came across their feature on Stay tray. I had no idea it was going to be included. Sitting at my kitchen bench, enjoying my morning coffee hit, I stumbled across Stay tray. I nearly fell off my stool. The Woman’s Weekly outlined my light bulb moment, the fact I only use 100% recycled plastic in all trays, and all design, engineering a manufacture has taken place within a 60km radius of my home on the Mornington Peninsula

Australian Woman's Weekly Stay tray


The Australian House and Garden Magazine

It was so amazing to be included in the Australian House and Garden Magazine’s Young Australian Designers to Watch. They did a great article calling on regular coffee drinkers to consider taking reusables to the next level, purchasing a reusable drink tray. They wrote: 

The brainchild of Mornington Peninsula product designers, the Stay Tray accommodates most standard drinking vessels, including kids’ drink bottles and juice cups. The durable, UV-stable tray is made from 100% recycled polypropylene and is available in a rainbow of colours too.

 House and Garden Stay tray

Mums Lounge

I was so excited when The Mums Lounge did such a great review of Stay tray. They love sharing new and innovative products that make child-raising, and life in general, just that little bit easier.

‘When we had the opportunity to review Stay tray we jumped at it. Let’s face it, when you are out and about with children an extra hand always comes in handy. But, as we soon discovered, there is so much more to love about Stay tray than just the ability it gives to carry multiple drinks around’.

 Mums Lounge Stay tray

Onya Magazine

I was thrilled to be interviewed for Onya Magazine. I discussed what inspired me to create Stay tray. What advice I would give to someone starting their own business. I outlined my crazy typical workday, my background and what is next for Stay tray.

Onya Magazine Stay tray

Brisbane Times

The Brisbane Times did a great feature on Stay tray way back when I first started. It was an important feature that helped get Stay tray out there in front of Queenslanders. The Brisbane Time wrote: 

Stay Tray is the latest addition to the environmental consideration movement for everyday items. Designed, tooled and manufactured in Australia out of 100 per cent recycled materials, this reusable cup holder works alongside travel coffee mugs and keep cups for an extra eco-friendly workplace coffee run. Weather resistant, UV-stable and dishwasher safe, the Stay Tray is on a mission to reduce the amount of pointless waste that goes to landfill each year.

 Brisbane Times Stay tray


The Herald Sun 

The Herald Sun did a great story on Australian Startups with a blueprint for change. It was a fabulous piece which featured Stay tray and PonyUp for Good. This fabulous article outlined how Stay tray came about, my background of sales and where Stay tray is headed in the future. 

Herald Sun Stay tray


This article was also run in the Mercury Newspaper in Tasmania 

The Weekend Edition 

The Brisbane Weekend Edition did a fabulous article on Stay tray called ‘No more crying over spilt milk – sustainable coffee caddy Stay tray is here to help you carry the weight’. The Weekend Edition wrote:

Whilst most of us have well and truly jumped on the reusable coffee cup and water bottle bandwagon, there’s always new eco-friendly products popping up that we had never even given a second thought to when using its one-use, wasteful comparisons. One of these instances is when you’ve just recited a long, multi-coffee order to your local barista for your co-workers or friends. Whilst you may have brought along multiple reusable coffee cups, they still have to place these in a disposable tray for you to carefully transport back to the office. Enter Stay tray, a reusable drink tray made from made from 100 percent recycled materials and the answer to our eco-friendly pleas.

 Weekend Edition Stay tray

Stay at Home Mum

Stay at Home Mum featured Stay tray in their 100+ Gift Ideas for Mum (That She Will Adore!). It was so great to be featured on a website that is so widely read by Mum’s all over Australia. Stay at Home Mum wrote: 

Stay tray is a reusable coffee tray made from 100% recycled plastic, right here in Australia. It’s a reusable alternative to single use drink trays used at every coffee shop and fast food restaurant across the world.

Designed to be used again and again and again. Stay tray will grip your coffee, smoothie or kids drink bottles tighter than any other drink carrier. It won’t let go, it won’t tip over, it won’t slide around in your car and it won’t bend or break apart like single use cardboard cup holders.

Stay at Home Mum Stay tray