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Stay Tray is the latest addition to the environmental consideration movement for everyday items. Designed, tooled and manufactured in Australia out of 100 per cent recycled materials, this reusable cup holder works alongside travel coffee mugs and keep cups for an extra eco-friendly workplace coffee run. Weather resistant, UV-stable and dishwasher safe, the Stay Tray is on a mission to reduce the amount of pointless waste that goes to landfill each year. With a variety of colours available, and the option to add a company logo, it’s an addition to the workplace that seems justified.

about stay tray

Stay tray is a small business with big dreams and a lofty purpose: to help reduce waste in the world by encouraging good habits in our community – all through the use of a humble beverage tray.

Stay tray was designed for your reusables, but just so happens to fit so much more.  Important to note that it won’t fit every cup ever created, so please make sure your takeaways fit suitably before transporting.  Stay tray accepts no responsibility for spilt beverages.

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