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Stay tray Best Seller ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drinks Tray
Cloud Sunrise Espresso Blue
Classic Stay tray 2 Cup Reusable Drinks Tray
Translucent Blue Orange Dusty Pink
Stay tray Gift Set ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drink Tray With 321 Water Bottle
Black Dusty Pink
Stay tray Gift Set ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drink Tray With Uppercup

Stay tray Two Cup Collection 

The Stay tray Two Cup Collection will make your busy life that little bit easier. Designed to securely carry your favourite take away coffee, reusable water bottle, tea, smoothie or juice. Stay tray will securely hold reusable coffee cups including Keep cup Australia, Joco, Frank Green and Luxey Cup. Plus the Stay tray Two Cup Collection (with inserts), will securely hold 6, 8, 12, 16 and 20oz disposable coffee cups from your local café or fast-food restaurant. 

The Two Cup Collection comes in a range of different options.

Stay tray Best Seller ‘Take Two’ Reusable Drinks Tray

Stay tray Take Two is our best seller and will grip your favourite drinks tighter than any other cup or water bottle carrier. It won’t let go, it won’t tip over, it won’t slide around in the car. It won’t bend when picking it up and won’t break apart like single use cardboard cup trays from the nearest café. 


Stay tray Reusable Coffee tray

Classic Stay tray 2 Cup Reusable Drinks Tray

The Classic Stay tray 2 Cup Reusable Drinks Tray was created for the convenience of carrying 2 take away coffees or drinks. Stay tray is an ecofriendly reusable cup carrier made from 100% recycled plastic. Designed to keep and be used again and again to reduce single use.


Stay tray Coffee Cup Tray

Stay tray Best Seller ‘Double Shot’ Reusable Drinks Tray

Stay tray ‘Double Shot’ is an eco friendly reusable cup carrier for 2 take away coffees. Available as a convenient 2 cup holder tray. The Espresso coloured tray is a firm favourite with coffee drinkers. Designed with simplicitystyle and sustainability in mind. It’s perfect to take 2 drinks on the go.


Stay tray Reusable Coffee Tray


Stay tray Gift Set ‘Take Two’ Reusable Coffee Cup Tray with 321 Water Bottle

This gift hamper includes a convenient reusable coffee tray, a super stylish 321 Filtered Water Bottle and a reusable shopping bag. Stay tray reusable coffee tray will securely carry your drinks all over town. The 321 Water Bottle with filter will keep you hydrated outdoors at the beach, or at the gym or shopping up a storm. Water has never looked or tasted so good. And the reusable calico bag is the perfect way to keep a Stay tray stored at home, in the office or car.


Stay tray Gift Hamper

Stay tray Gift Hamper ‘Take Two’ Reusable Coffee Tray with Uppercup

A super stylish, sustainable gift for any coffee lover. A convenient 2 Cup reusable coffee tray coupled with a high quality, Australian Made reusable coffee cup and calico bag. Your bestie will definitely shout you a coffee at the best café nearby with one of these fabulous ecofriendly gifts.


Stay tray Gift Hamper


Stay tray’s range of reusable coffee trays, keep cups and water bottles will make an amazing Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Fathers Day Gift or Mothers Day Gift. You really don't need and excuse to start saving the planet. 

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